April Fools – S4:E11


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Izzy Bell joins her blood brother Logan Long in bed. wearing her undergarment and panties, she claims she desiresto fuck! As presently as Logan starts jerking it, Izzy laughs at the manner he falls for her joke and runs away. Later, Logan returns the favor by catching Izzy together with her hands full and necking her whereas her young man sits within the front roomtho’ Izzy thinks they’ve evened the scores, Logan is not finished neverthelessonce Izzy is within the shower, he keeps running new shampoo on her head till it gets in her eyes.Once Izzy cannot see, Loganclimbs out of his shorts and pushes into her tight twat from behind. She kicks him out of the shower, howeverLogan is not near to let their business go unfinished. Bending Izzy over the bed, Logan peels off her skirt and reinserts his cock into her snatch. Next factor Izzy is aware of, she’s groaning her pleasure as Logan works her fuck hole along with his huge dick.Turning onto her aspect, Izzy gasps at the special approach of penetration as Logan keeps fucking her. once she flips totally onto her back, Logan’s hardon hits all the correct spots to bring her off. She’s totally into it as she swaps places together with her blood brother and rides him with long strokes of her hips as he squeezes her tiny titties. once Logan puts Izzy on her back all over again, she’s within the throes of a climax once he fills her twat with a surprise creampie.

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